A Bed for the King: More Than Just A Book

A Bed for the King is more than just a book, it is the beginning of a new Christmas tradition for you and your family.

Through characters who will capture your heart, this story inspires your family to discover the true meaning of Christmas by doing KINDNESS for others.

After reading the book, spend the month of December preparing your familiesí own bed for the King by doing acts of KINDNESS for others.† Each act of KINDNESS can be represented by a piece of ribbon, paper, or real straw added to the manger. The more KINDNESS you do, the softer the bed will be for Jesusí arrival on December 25th.

Rather than focusing on material things, imagine your children spending the Christmas season excitedly spreading peace, joy, and KINDNESS in celebration of Christís birth!

Make KINDNESS your family tradition this Christmas!


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