Kindness Ideas

Doing a kindness for someone doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Jesus calls each of us to serve our neighbor through simple, everyday acts of kindness. 

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Write an encouraging note to a classmate.

Help someone with his or her homework.

Say “Thank you” to your teacher or coach.

Help pick up the classroom at school.

Do a chore around the house for someone without being asked.

Tell a family member that you love them and give them a big hug.

Call your grandma or grandpa.

Invite your brother, sister, or friend to go first when you play a game.

Ask Mom and Dad what you can do to help them…and do it!

Write a letter or a card to someone.

Help your neighbor take out the trash (or rake the leaves, or shovel snow).

Hold the door for someone.

Volunteer at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Ask your pastor who would appreciate a visit and some flowers, then volunteer to do it.

Help someone take groceries out to their car.

Pick up litter at a park or playground.

Share a snack with a friend.

Pack care packages (a sandwich, fruit, candy, and water bottle) for the homeless.

Say “Please” and “Thank You” to everyone today.

Let someone go in front of you in line.

Give someone an honest compliment.

Collect food for the food bank.

Call or visit someone who is sick. Your pastor probably knows someone.

Buy a toy or book you would love to get as a gift, then donate it to a local charity drive.

Volunteer to hand out bulletins or greet people at church.

Pay for someone else’s food or coffee when you’re grabbing something on the go.

Write a thank you note to your mailman, bus driver, or cafeteria worker.

Help cook a meal for someone, or invite someone over to eat with you.

Smile at 10 strangers.

Make a giant thank you card and give it to someone.

Return a shopping cart to the corral at the store.